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Bi couple sex stories

Bi couple sex stories

Name: Salome

Age: 32
City: Mount Eliza, Nicolet, Whitefish, Albia
Hair: Violet
Relation Type: Local Married Searching Women Seeking Fuck
Seeking: I Looking Sexual Partners
Relationship Status: Not important


We my wife marion classifieds I were dating, she let me know up front that she was bi and hoped this would not inter with our relationship. To me, her being bi would only add to our relationship because I figured she would let me watch and hopefully she would share her girlfriends with me. I consider myself bi also, in college; I had a few encounters with guys. But if I have my choice, I would pick pussy over cock. I just like sex.


I curled them and began to rub against her g-spot. I waited another ten minutes and nothing.

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I could see that they were online but got no response. Now I had never ever even kissed another woman in a sexual way. This got her even hotter. My wife, Sophie, is 5 feet tall and weights about pounds, dark hair and a set of beautiful 34C tits. I can tell she is having a problem with its size, but she finally gets it in.

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Married Swingers Recently my husband, Paul, and I attended a cocktail party thrown by some friends of ours. Gary then told me that Becky had also told him that Sophie had said I was a really heavy cummer eex that Becky was jealous of Sophie because he did not cum a lot. Her mouth was all over my face, kissing my lips. Paul walked up behind her and slipped his penis inside of her.

I was so hot at that moment that I begged my coupld to fuck me as hard he could. I asked Sophie if she knew Gary had an uncut cock. I went back to work straight away.

Becky, being half drunk, said that Sophie had told her that I liked to eat creampies and that I had a big amount of cream I could put in the pie. I was totally bi couple sex stories and quite exhausted. Which of course I did. He started masturbating his cock and we both had our mouths open like to little baby sparrows waiting for cojple turn to be fed. We all got along well at dinner and had a few more sexo intercambio de parejas.

I noticed that Sophie would really get excited when a guy in one of the videos would have a cock that was not circumcised. Is this what I really wanted? I finally came free and started nodding my head yes.

Then the moaning was at an all time high. That is, until my friends of 35 years showed me something.

This time it was all the way. However, with Allison throwing herself at me, there was nothing in the coupls I wanted more than to make love to her beautiful body.

Allison showed us to our room and we changed into our swimsuits. I knelt in front of her and lowered my head between her legs. I have to tell you. I messaged them straight away. I leaned forward and licked the head of the penis. I can feel that my dex has filled her pussy and is starting to leak out.

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She came over and helped Angela. It felt great rubbing against my prostate.

The two things that I have been blessed with is a nice douple mushroom head on my cock and balls about the size of large lemons, which can produce a very large load of cum. He did, for almost 30 minutes. They were on either side slowly sliding up and down and would meet at the head of my cock and use their tongues to increase my pleasure.

Our first bi-foursome

This was the first opening in my life where I could get my wife thinking about sleeping with another man. His tool had to be at least inches long and 5-inches around.

When I was leaving the store I could see that they were both looking at the movie. Becky reached up and pulled my briefs down. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile.

I loved it when she did this. To me, her being bi would only add to our relationship because I figured she would let me watch and philadelphia tranny she would share her girlfriends with me.

I watched my wife slide her hand down her track pants stoties start rubbing herself. Then he moved in me again and realized that the fact that another man was fucking me like a woman was making me crazily turned-on.

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I was loving it. We found the girls in the living room drinking wine and talking. She told him to sit on the edge of the tub. I cople only stammer that I didn' t mind at all. That set me off and I shot another load deep into his wife and her body shivered under our weight as she orgasmed again and again, moaning and groaning air force chat rooms ecstasy.

I guess I'd thought about making love to bi couple sex stories girl, but not seriously. Finally she sat back, exhausted and relaxed, on the side of the hot tub.

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