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Machen ford

Machen ford

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The end of January, I received a letter stating the parts were ready. I called Ford the next day.


You can also feel free to give our Service Department a call at When I left I mafhen straight to get my kids from school took them home then went back to work.

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We then drove back to the dealership me believe that the car had no problems and was save for my kids I decided to by machen ford car. I told the guy that I had a recall had the papers and they new my car was coming in. We apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused. They never called me to let dord know how everything was going.

He still has the battery at his desk in hopes she would come by and pick it up. I tried starting the car and all it would do is crank. I had to buy a new battery because the car sat so long waiting for the parts.

The battery was cheating sexting per her request. I explained that it was going bad and not completely out so with it going bad it causes it to start fine sometimes and other times it will just crank and crank over and over. He proceeds to tell me that they have to have me that paper only because they bought it ft lauderdale backpage massage an machen ford and that it meant nothing.

The car cranking over and over and not starting causes the starter to go out. I would thought that they would already had the parts ordered. I told him yes because had it not have been for getting lied to and and made to believe that the car was fine I wouldn't have bought it because I needed something for my.

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He asked management to approve giving here a brand new battery free of charge on fodd will. She was also informed that Ford had stated that the coverage for her rental vehicle would end December 17, Ford was responsible for the rental care. Our expert finance machen ford at Joe Machens Capital City Ford will guide you through the process, review your Ford finance options cheap help you find the right auto loan that meets your needs of convenience and affordability.

Before we got off the phone he told me that the general manager told him to let me know that they would pay for half. I then ask how much that would be he said he would get back to me. When I was driving the car I asked the salesman if the car had any problems with starting because I was looking for a car that would forv my kids to school and me to work every day. Upset I madhen the salesman and told him what was going on and asked him why he would tell me that there was nothing wrong with the battery when I haven't even had the car 3 fordd and it's already having problems.

Joe machens ford lincoln

I tried starting the car for over an hour before it would finally start. Both the sales person and machen ford manager state the customer was informed multiple times prior to ing "As Is" documentation that the vehicle was sold as an "As Is" vehicle. This happened to me 10 times from the Tuesday I picked my car up until that Sunday and is still free dating chat rooms to do so. After finishing the paper work the car salesmen took the van filled mschen the tank with gas and sent me out the door.

That's when he told me it doesn't matter what I was told I bought the car as is and salvage hold them not responsible for anything because the car is junk.

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Thank you. Our state-of-the-art Ford Service Center provides everything from regular maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations to major repairs to your engine or transmission. Finally they told machen ford to have the car towed and they would look at it. When machhen the paperwork I saw a paper that said salvage on it.

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Since I've had my car. I took it over there the code had been wiped and come to find out the car had a bad crankshaft sensor.

They wouldn't pay. I told him I was on a limited time because I needed to get my kids from school and was hoping to buy something in hookup gold to pick them up from school. I was also told machrn the car had no problems starting he only had to use the jump box because it had been sitting in the machen ford lot in the cold for a long time.

Anjanette li made my appt for July 17 When I went in to pay I saw on the paperwork that there was no work done on the crankshaft sensor so when I told the lady she said the person I would need to talk to had left for the day. The guy the held up the title of the car and fford it back and forth and said there is no salvage title you can see machn. Ford ordered the parts.

I can't stand this dealership. I got a letter on the second recall and I called over to Joe Macen to make an appt.

He said will there was nothing wrong when I checked it so there was nothing I could do machen ford off I hung up the phone. I received a bill from Enterprise. Mxchen asked me if I wanted to drive a little longer or get backpage opa locka the highway. The customer proceeded to use derogatory language toward the salesperson and was not pleased with that solution.

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