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Riddle school 3 blobbles

Riddle school 3 blobbles

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Click the globe twice near Mr Soggy's table and get bobbles chewing gum. Pick up a ruler on the classroom table. Combine the ruler with the chewing gum.


Leave outside and head to Mrs Oddverb's room which is on the right end. Back upstairs with you.

Click twice on the globe to spin it until a pink wad of gum becomes available. Wasn't that fun?

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Room 8: Mrs. Pick up the key card on the ground and leave the room.

The two teachers will exit. You should have 38 cents. Room 4: Men's Bathroom - Let's have fun with vandalism! Drag the button you grabbed a moment ago, so that you set it on the machine and cause it to come to life.

Head left one more screen from there to find Richy still locked in the locker. Room The Auditorium - There is actually nothing for you to do here.

Talk to Mrs Mooses. Turn the globe twice to find a piece of chewing gum that you can take. Now scchool have 48 cents. Get the keyboard key Travel left one screen and head downstairs. Put the potted dirtflower right on the Living Thing counter. Its obvious. At the floor to your left is a penny, which you should grab. Oddverb, about Richy?

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Soggy, is near the right side of the area and there are other students trying to pay attention. Instead, go to the left. You've distracted the janitor from his closet.

Click the left arrow pointing down to enter the teacher's lounge, where two teachers are relaxing. I suggest the pink book in the top left corner for some cool game schoo. To its side, a globe is positioned. Move along.

Combine the steak and the tray of blobblws. Get out, and go across the hall to the men's restroom. Visit Mrs. Obtain some more hot local girls Now you are back in the hallway you accessed by leaving Mr. All you do is click through the dialogue unless you're reading it, which isn't a bad idea.

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I'm going to state how to beat them in the order I typed them in just now. Open your yellow locker and reach for another penny nickel. Go upstairs again and turn to your left.

Head to the supply closet and use the ruler and bookmark combination tantric phoenix reach a dime on top of the bookshelf. The middle drawer, positioned just below the coffee mugs, contains the nickel.

Click on the mop when u get in Before u click on the talk bubble. You will witness a cutscene and a button rjddle on the left side of the machine. Open the door by using the key card on the card key scanner next to the door.

Hallway - Don't bother going into the teacher's lounge, you don't need it yet. So we'll make this quick.

Leave the room. In the overhead hallway, there is a portly fellow sitting on a bench. Click on the notes on the table and get a coin.

Use the button together with the small hole of button-making rkddle and you will get a "science rocks" button. Hallway - Go upstairs and drag your new pudding unto Chubb. Go to the left one screen.

What was the locker combination on riddle school 3?

Pick up a penny you see on the floor outside Mr Soggy class. The dead animal is the steak, but the steak won't survive unless it's in dirt.

Instead, go to the left. His name is Chubb. Pick it up and let's go.

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