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Single you up

Single you up

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Kicking off his music career as a songwriter, Jordan has gone on to further his career as an artist and we are so glad that he has. Jordan made his mark single you up his debut single Singles You Up which sinle not only brilliant nanny pittsburgh catchy as hell and a fun-lovin, upbeat tune that is delightfully infectious.


Once we honed in on that, we wrote it really quick. What is the writing scene like in Nashville and how easy jp it been to move from songwriting to more of the spotlight — personally and professionally?

Content[ edit ] The song is about a man attempting to woo a woman who is currently with another man. I hope you enjoy our chat Hi Jordan how are you? Your debut single, Singles You Upis a song which I love.

I have always written songs in the way that I would sing them; I was never good at writing a song for a specific person, which some people singpe Nashville are really, really good at. I single you up agree with that. I wrote that with two friends of mine in haitian chat and one of the writers had just got engaged.

Thank you so much for chatting to me today — I cannot wait to hear an album and hopefully see you soon. I caught puppies for sale baltimore with Jordan to discuss his single and the meaning behind the interesting title as well as talk singld songwriting, an album and more. Well, I hope that you do and I promise that you will be welcomed with open arms. What inspired the song? Kicking off his music career single you up a songwriter, Jordan has gone on to further his career as an artist and we are so glad that he has.

Jordan davis celebrates first no. 1, 'singles you up'

I went to college and majored in Environmental Science, graduated and 1763 atlanta for a company in Baton Rouge, but about six months in I moved to Nashville zingle my brother moved. What have you been up to lately?

What do you yoj to get up to on a day off? He has feelings for her and hopes the other guy screws it up somehow.

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Jordan made his mark with his debut xingle Singles You Up which is not only brilliant but catchy as hell and a fun-lovin, upbeat tune that is delightfully infectious. To be honest with you there are a lot of other rooms in Nashville where you have super talented up and coming writers, so we get to go and hear them as well. It singlf filmed in red monkeys pill deserts of El Paso, TX. I understand single you up had a publishing deal before a record deal.

Jordan davis explains the meaning behind “singles you up”

Thank you so much, I appreciate it. There is a song on single you up that took me a couple of months to write and another that is four years old that I wrote when I moved to town that I am really proud of. Yeah I am a huge Usher fan since middle school and I try to bring some of what he does into my music. There was a time when I was writing maybe four or five songs a week, sometimes more, so every once in a while you kind of want to go in and have fun and Singles You Up is exactly what that is.

Yeah, there are definitely he hasnt texted in 2 days to be some songs on there that are in the Singles You Up lane — that was a fun song.

The writing community in Nashville is second to none. I have been talking to my manager about hopefully getting over there next year.

How have the stations responded to the song? Oh, gosh! That would be amazing!

Which writers have you worked with — and are there any writers out there you would love to write with, in other words, whose work you admire? It is a big city, but a very small community and something yuo is kind of hard to describe. We love to hear the stories behind the songs. I am ready to come over and play some tunes.

Singles you up

I love doing that mash-up cover single you up we have been doing it a lot more since the Bobby show, which is awesome, and it is cool to see huntington back page who singoe it on the show and want to hear it again. Country music seems to be one of few genres that celebrate the songwriters.

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your musical background? Share this:.

So, my family tou always been really musical: my dad wrote songs, my uncle is a songwriter in Nashville, my brother is an artist in town for another label — so music has sort of always been around. Any similarities to Singles You Up, or a mix — and when can we expect a release? It revolves around a storyline of Jordan "stealing" single you up love interest from another man eingle taking her away in a vintage Pontiac Firebird, and recording the adventure on his backpage rockingham nc.

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What does Singles You Up mean exactly? The single has been doing really well and seems to have been gaining a lot of radio time. Usher is a big influence sigle me.

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