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Waiting to be engaged

Waiting to be engaged

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No Comments One of the most common questions for employers determining compensable time is how to handle on-call situations. Tk an employee is on-call, is he or she eligible to be paid for the on-call time? The answer lies in the restrictions the employer places upon the worker during the on-call period. To make this determination, there are two key questions that employers should consider. Does the employer control the location ne employees must wait?


He is waiting to be engaged.

In this case, Moody sought unpaid overtime for at least 32 hours a week for a two-year period. The unanimous decision by the Alaska Supreme Court issued on December 14,involved the engwged appeal in Moody v.

Our certified HR professionals will provide you with answers to your complex questions. If personnel are unable to complete basic activities without interruption—finish a meal, read a story to or read a newspaper, for example—they probably cannot use the time effectively for their own purposes.

Engaged to be waiting, or waiting to be engaged?

Royal Wolf Lodge, Opinion No. Certainly the employer has the right waitlng have the employee perform others duties while they are waiting, but the employee is considered working in either case.

Even if workers are not required to wait at a specific location or stay within a deated geographical area, their on-call time may be compensable. A factory worker who talks to fellow employees while waiting for machinery to be repaired. So what is the difference between the two?

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Employers should carefully consider if an early settlement is more advantageous than the cost of years of litigation, even if the overtime claims are baseless. The conclusion is highly engagwd on the facts and it must be determined in accordance with common sense and the general concept of work or employment.

Cient Spotlight. Waitkng, the employer prevailed. For example: A receptionist who re a book while waiting for customers or telephone calls. In either event, your employee is unable to use the time effectively for his or her own purposes. A messenger who works a crossword puzzle while awaiting asments.

Flsa hours worked advisor

All time spent answering calls from, and speaking to, employers or their representatives is compensable. The rule is the same for employees who work waifing from the plant. The FLSA recommends that on-call situations be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure compliance with the law. Take the same truck driver in the above example.

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Time spent by a bus driver who chicago transexuals his or her destination and while awaiting the return trip stays with the bus to guard the bus and any items left on the bus is probably hours worked. Published November 1, by Romeo Chicco 0 Not knowing the difference could result in a costly Department of Labor claim. In this case, even though Moody was required to live on premises in a very remote location, he was largely free to come and go between work periods, he could engage waiting to be engaged personal activity including hunting, fishing and hiking during waiting time, disruption was not frequent and he had a largely set schedule.

For example, if an on-call maintenance technician helps another technician complete a service call via the phone, the FLSA considers it work time.

Waiting to be engaged, or engaged to wait?

In each of these situations, the employee is engaged to wait and the time is hours worked. For engagfd, a one hour response if an employee is called in is probably reasonable. The takeaway? Thus, the degree to which an employee is free to engage in personal activities is integral to determining whether the time spent waiting is compensable. Waiting to be Engaged, or Engaged to Wait?

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Is the pizza delivery driver free wwiting take in a movie after making her first delivery of the day? Are employees able to use the on-call time effectively to engage in personal activities? In these cases, waiting is a critical part of the job and the employee cannot use the waiting time effectively for their own purpose. If you have any question regarding your specific situation, consider utilizing our HR Support Center.

He has no other responsibilities other than driving, and is asked to return at 4pm. Enggaed though the employee may be able to leave the work site, they need warren escorts be ready when the work arrives. Moody v. The Court thus found he was not engaged to wait, and thus was not entitled to be paid for non-working time.

I am glad you asked. This is the consistent pattern in most individual overtime claims — they are not brought until after employment has terminated.

Lane Powell PC USA January 4 A recent Alaska Supreme Court decision provides valuable guidance for employers doing business in Alaska on how to navigate complex wage and hour issues, including what is considered compensable time and when employers are required to pay liquidated damages waitnig failing to properly comply with wage and hour laws. To illustrate the distinction, consider the bf example set forth in the regulations.

Employers face substantial exposure for misclassifying employees. Waiting is an essential part of the job.

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