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Watching wife sucking stranger stories

Watching wife sucking stranger stories

Name: Clarisse

Age: 47
City: Hawkins, Rhea County, Duck Key, Poweshiek County
Hair: Not important
Relation Type: Looking For Thin Girl For Hookup
Seeking: Want Real Sex Dating
Relationship Status: Married


Hope to hear your journey has a happy ending. Well, nobody's journey has a truly happy ending. But things definitely get brighter from here. Glad to see that folks are reading. See, I knew you guys were good people.


She stepped over to me and without hesitation bent down and kissed me full on the wafching. My eyes could not get enough of watching my wife suck this cock. Soon he was chatting with my wife and she looked pleased.

And it surprised me how beautiful she was and my first thought she could be a playboy model and later I found out she in fact, had been a penthouse pet. He put his dick waatching her asshole and in one fell swoop pushed himself into her butt. I did as she asked me.

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I knew she was horny and enjoying it very much; as I was too… Then I undid my trousers and started stroking my own dick. She happily agreed to all of it.

And anytime the concept of threesomes or swinging or anything like that came up, I was so ashamed of myself that I tried hard to hide the fact that watching her with other cocks would be a huge turn-on. She needed much more than this.

He had also slipped his hand inside her blouse and was cupping her boobs and pinching her hard nipples. I've never been so turned on for so long in my entire life.

Then she smiled and said she was still too much horny. Because she wanted me to be able to fuck other women while she fucked their husband. Anita's blouse was open and the pants of the man were undone.

Watching my wife

I, who had been watching the whole thing from a distance, ed her moments later in our car. She called the stranger closer and when he got there she slowly undone his zip and pulled out his rock hard cock. Jane pulled his cock from her mouth, stood up and turned around. It still is a little hard for me to comprehend fully, but she genuinely does ONLY really and truly need to suck cock. Anyway, I rightly assumed she had already planned mistress lisa la set something up while I was gone anyway, so I told her to go through wstching it.

I just told her very carefully that I was upset because she didn't tell me, but that she didn't have to stop as long as she was honest with me about it, because it turned me on and suckign we could probably enjoy this together. After that she began rubbing his cock head over her lips and face as he just kept pumping his seed.

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And once you got past the first room everyone was in various stages of undress. He stuttered " yes all of you".

As we walked back to the car we noticed the window of the pub was full of blokes, did they see? She loves everything about it and loves women fuckin cum. It was a huge house with mattresses on the floor in several large rooms.

Peter groaned and began watchihg cum. Anita managed to get her lips around the head for the second jet. She wanted to have another man and suck him in front of me. I turned the handle and stepped into the room. As soon as the film finished we were heading straight bi latin males to the car as i couldnt wait to take photos as i had to fuck her.

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Since that day my wife has become a big fan of the bar scene. For starters, all the sexual past 5 htp erowid had, all the guys and random sgories I told her I had loved it when she looked up and our eyes had met as she sucked his hard cock. She promised that if I ever said I needed it to stop, it would stop, though she probably wouldn't be happy about it for awhile.

She kept licking at the cock head. Then again she wet her lips and took about half of it back into her mouth.

I could see his balls jumping as he emptied himself. Ana broke the kiss, looked at me and asked if it was fine for me. Well, nobody's journey has a truly happy ending.

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