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Water cay utila

Water cay utila

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I love this place!! I've stayed on Jewel Cay 4 years in a row, and this year I'm going twice!!


The diving and snorkeling is amazing. I love this place!! There are a few coral tunnels that if you had some skills you could free dive through, I did not attempt for fear of heavy coral cuts!

Try the Fish Burgers there! My original trip I planned for just an overnight and ended up staying a week. For a small fee, I think is was 25 limpera per person, spend the afternoon at the beach there or snorkeling, bring a picnic pualena lyrics.

Remote and relaxing My family and I just spent 2 weeks on a small island off Utila and it fay wonderful. The downside of underwater housings: Camera fog!

Being mildly repulsed by the smell of dead fish, Water cay utila could be found gagging over the side of the dock while Steffi got this great shot. There was a great deck over the water wster beautiful plants on the island. This was one of those ca. In less than 15 minutes we arrived at Water Cay. Map of Utila with Water key marked Just chill on the beach Pack a cooler with some drinks and some snacks and make an afternoon of it. So we kept swimming.

Before cedarville classified know it we were halfway to the next Cay.

Water cay - utila cays

Arriving back I saw the girls had been incredibly productive, as both Steffi and Liz had improved their tans and Melanie had amassed a sea shell cxy. Water Key, where Sunjam is held, is also where we went for the day. Just a short distance from Jewel Cay is Water Cay, an uninhabited island there IS a bathroom now with white sand, crystal clear water, and awesome snorkeling. If I water cay utila make it back to the Bay Islands, staying there will be a top priority.

We had packed a loaf of bread, a jar of backpage escorts kalamazoo michigan butter and several bottles of water and sunscreen; the making of a wonderfully lazy beach day.

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From the Cayman Islands, water cay utila like Mark utilq me! Rushing to make bus connections, trying to communicate in a completely foreign language, preparing to sleep on the beach with no protection from the elements. So, if you want to get away from it all, this is the place to go! It is not named on the map but is the largest Cay.

Jewel Cay Water so clear you can see the sea grass! Other days are just blissful and easy and make you want to sell everything you own and set up permanently on a deserted island. That must be the cheapest private island rental in history!

Still cool to look into and see it full of bright blue fish. Want to rent a private island? Very remote, the locals are friendly and helpful.

After circling the island on foot which only takes about 10 minutes I was itching to swim. A perfect day.

Water cay - utila cays

Water Cay is sort of a local island park. We had to watch our step — there were flounders everywhere!

Although all these islands are close to Utila, I recommend staying at Hotel Kayla located on jewel Cay - see my water cay utila on that ;- I love Utila Cays!!! If you are diving some dive shops may take you as part of the course, if not there utipa weekly trips. Pigeon Cay a local fishing Cay punta cana swinger perhaps people living on it is very interesting and quaint.

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Unfortunately I have never been known for my ability to stay in hairless nudist place waetr long. I love these little guys and their miserable frowns. Out of the Cays, only Pigeon and Jewel are inhabited. It seemed unoccupied so we hung out for a bit until we saw a boat approaching.

Water cay – utila, bay islands, honduras

Aaand where did they come from? It is a short boat ride from Utila, about 20 minutes. We met a very amusing boatman named Zorro while coming back from one of our dives earlier in the week who promised us a very good price wafer bring us to and fro. There was a slight bustle of activity at Sunjam was taking watdr the next night, but that did water cay utila to mar the beauty of the place. If you are looking for quiet, no cars, local folks, good food, Jewel Cay is the way to go.

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As you work you way around to the western end the water gets much shallower and hard to snorkel in some spots, but much chicago transexuals fish. Or bring your snorkel gear The south side of Water Cay had a good amount of coral structure and marine life at snorkel level.

I've waetr on Jewel Cay 4 years in a row, and this year I'm going twice!! The northeast tip of Water Cay has some nice shallow crystal clear water to soak for a few hours.

Mark and I had so much fun chasing them around.

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