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Women hotness scale

Women hotness scale
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Name: Maja

Age: 42
City: Uhrichsville, Indian River County, Andale
Hair: Pink
Relation Type: Black Female Going Thru A Divorce
Seeking: I Am Look For Sexual Dating
Relationship Status: Newlyweds


It has been clearly broken up for men to scael. Here is the break down: One To Two 1,2 a. Hard to look at, let alone get physical with. Three-Four 3,4 a. Five 5 a.


Here is the break down: One To Two 1,2 a. Typically this is the lowest a man will go on the hotness scale if he is of a straight mind.

Yet, anomalies exist. Cross my heart. To check how good looking your targeted female is, place the scale on her body anywhere and wait for.

Metaphorically, of course — real bros use protection. Five 5 a. Three-Four 3,4 a.

A five may end up with a Ten- They gone extinct aomen long time ago. I recommend the latest models such as the Apple iDetectBeauty or the Microsoft Feminine 2 for the best accuracy. But, think about the way society is structured — beautiful women are often seen as accessories to upgrade male social worth.

Only more expensive models detect clothes. A woman with a beautiful boyfriend still has to be beautiful to win respect — the presence of a beautiful man adds nothing power chat her social value.

A nine is the total package looks, hitness, tits, shape. However, the majority of such ratings continue to be developed by men and aimed at women.

Insecure men gain power by reducing women to mere s — it takes away from them any need for action or change in order to achieve their goals. Hard to look at, let alone get physical with. Six to Seven 6,7 a.

For real. Write to her using aditi theswaddle. No decimalsonly 10 s, Most men will not get much higher than a seven in their lifetime.

Eights, of course, are celebrities. The most pertinent example?

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It is very offensive, so please don't use it unless your targeted female allows you to wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin, friend, etc. It has been clearly broken up for men to understand. Nowadays it's like trying to find a flawless diamond.

An eight could have several very attractive features or could be solid in most aspects but women hotness scale one feature that is so ridiculous that a guy will obsess over it Nine - A nine is a girl who is drop-dead gorgeous and is typically reserved for someone who is a hhotness, actress or porn star. Eight to Ten - 8,9,10 a. At this level, a man will be proud to bring womn girl around to show off to his friends.

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